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I am a visual designer with experience ranging from iconography and design systems to UI design for software and web. Using the principles of user-centered design, I work with teams from concept through implementation. Market segment experience ranges from startup web and application projects to broad scale consumer business products. I have experience managing an art department full of designers as well as being the solo designer in charge of everything.

I am a Subject Matter Expert in Microsoft Fluent iconography design as well Windows icons ranging from Windows 11 to Windows 10 all the way back to Windows Vista/7. Icon design is only a portion of this experience. I've been heavily involved in the evolution of the Fluent App icon style and guidelines. I have been responsible for the horizontal icon design system across the entire Windows org which covers several different styles.

I love the design team environment where I can contribute as well as absorb from the talent around me. I take a very practical approach to design. I want to understand the what, how and why and will ask tough questions to get to the best design for whomever we are designing for.


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